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High Performance Compact SIMS for Geoscience Laboratories

CAMECA’s IMS 7f-GEO is a new mono-collection compact SIMS model specifically designed to perform high precision / high throughput measurements in geological samples, i.e. stable isotopes, REE (Rare Earth Elements), trace elements... The analysis spot size can be adjusted to a few tens of microns. Images of trace elements and isotopes can be recorded on Field of View ranging from a few microns up to 500µm.

A unique detection system for high isotope ratio reproducibility

Derived from our proven IMS 7f and IMS 1280 instruments, the IMS 7f-GEO is equipped with a new, unique detection system combining a double Faraday cup detector system and an Electron Multiplier. Thanks to this configuration, acquisition time is shortened, and analyses are run in a pseudo bi-collection mode ensuring sub-permil precision in stable isotope ratio measurements. The double Faraday cup system is combined with a fast mass peak switching system (as fast as 0.3 sec at high mass resolving power) for further benefits in terms of precision and analysis throughput.
Oxygen isotopes in synthetic quartz 
Stable isotope analysis:

Delta18O measured on a synthetic quartz sample.

Each data point corresponds to a different spot of the sample.
The runs are distributed over an area of 15mm in diameter across the sample.

Total integration time: 56s
Spot to spot reproducibility (1s):
0.37 permil
Mean internal error (1s): 0.27 permil

... And greatly improved analysis throughput

The IMS 7f-GEO achieves a major improvement in analysis throughput thanks to the implementation of the double Faraday cup detector system working in charge mode as demonstrated in the 18O/16O isotope ratio analysis above:

  • required precision: 0.4‰
  • 18O signal intensity: ~2e6c/s
  • in EM/EM standard mode, requested measurement time is 3016 sec. while in the new IMS 7f-GEO FC/FC charge mode, it falls down to 56 sec.






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