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High Performance SIMS Instrument for the Analysis of Radioactive Samples

The IMS 7fR is a shielded magnetic sector SIMS instrument specifically developed for the analysis of highly radioactive materials. Derived from the IMS 7f, it offers all necessary protections against radiation and alpha contamination during sample transfer and analysis while ensuring ultimate SIMS analytical performances: fast detection and imaging of all elements of the periodic table, high sensitivity for the detection of very low concentrations, excellent depth resolution, accurate measurement of isotopic ratios, etc...

A transfer cask allows the safe transportation of the radioactive sample to the instrument site. The sample is then introduced in a glove box via an Alpha-tight door. It is opened with a manipulator and the sample is placed in the entry air lock. Instrument venting and sample transfer into the specimen chamber are fully automated. A lead shielding surrounding the glove box, the entry air lock and the specimen chamber provides a safe protection against radiation. All sample manipulations and maintenance operations can be viewed through a lead window. 

IMS 7fR key features

  • High mass resolution to eliminate mass interference when analyzing actinides and fission product elements.
  • Stigmatic imaging of the secondary ions to provide fast image of element distribution.
  • Real time monitoring of the contamination dose during analysis or instrument tuning.
  • Automated entry load lock with motorized transfer road and possibility of manual control in case of failure.
  • Total computer control of the instrument tuning and operation, alignment of sources, electron gun, primary and secondary optical systems, channel plate, full remote control of slits and diaphragms.
  • Glove box for Alpha protection with Alpha-tight door for sample introduction.
  • Cell with lead wall and lead glass window for Gamma protection of the operator during highly radioactive samples analyses.

Photograph of the instrument courtesy of CEA.



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