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Cutting-edge Instruments for Research

Our scientific instruments measure and image the elemental and isotopic composition at the surface of solid objects. Micro- or nano-volumes of material are analyzed with extreme sensitivity (reaching ppb levels). Measurements are also very localized, ranging from a few cubic micrometers down to a single atom, depending on the instrument and the analysis technique.

Our SIMS product line includes: 

  • IMS 7f-Auto: latest version of the IMS 7f for high throughput, fully automated microanalysis
  • SC Ultra: magnetic sector SIMS for advanced semiconductors. 
  • IMS 7f-GEO: magnetic sector SIMS for geoscience laboratories
  • IMS 1300-HR³: ultra high sensitivity magnetic Sector SIMS for geosciences
  • KLEORA : ultra high sensitivity SIMS optimized for geochronology
  • NanoSIMS 50L: SIMS microprobe for ultra fine feature analysis in materials, geology, planetary and life sciences
  • SIMS 4550: universal quadrupole SIMS for semiconductors and materials.  
  • IMS 7fR: shielded magnetic sector SIMS for radioactive samples (on request)

Our EPMA product line includes: 

  • SXFive: universal EPMA for geology and materials
  • SXFiveFE: Field Emission EPMA for geology and materials
  • Shielded EPMA: shielded EPMA for radioactive samples

Our 3D AP product line includes: 

  • LEAP 5000 XS: 3D laser atom probe offering highest acquisition rate for microelectronics applications 
  • LEAP 5000 R / LEAP 5000 XR: 3D laser atom probe offering high mass resolution (also in voltage pulse mode) for advanced metal applications
  • EIKOS / EIKOS-X: 3D atom probe for cost-efffective alloy development and nanoscale materials research

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