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LEAP 5000 R/XR

High Performance 3D Atom Probe for Advanced Materials and Metals Applications

The LEAP 5000 R/XRTM is a high performance 3D atom probe microscope which provides nano-scale surface, bulk and interfacial materials analysis of simple and complex structures with atom by atom identification and accurate spatial positioning.
The system works using the principle of field evaporation, whereby a strong electric field applied to the specimen is sufficient to cause removal of atoms by ionization. Atom removal is triggered either via a voltage or laser pulse applied to the sample.

The LEAP 5000 R/XR provides the following key features:

  • Available in voltage + laser pulsed modes (XR), or voltage pulsing only (R) 
  • Excellent field of view with good mass resolution
  • Local electrode and microtip compatibility
  • Best signal to noise performance
  • New high performance pulsing system

Local Electrode and Microtips

"LEAP" is derived from Local ElectrodeTM Atom Probe. The Local ElectrodeTM provides a strong technological advantage over systems which do not have one, improving both ease of use and data quality. The Local Electrode also enables the use of prefabricated MicrotipTM arrays. Using these enables multiple analytical specimens to be prepared, mounted and loaded into the instrument for maximum efficiency with multi experiment scenarios.


The LEAP 5000 R/XR utilizes a novel energy compensated design that combines optimized mass resolution performance for detailed mass spectral interpretation, with wide Field-of-view (250 nm achievable). For voltage pulsing applications (traditionally metals), the performance is excellent and the system provides very high atom probe mass resolution.

Enhanced voltage mode

Voltage pulsing remains the mode of choice for many metallurgical applications because of the proven capability and comprehensive publication history. The LEAP 5000 R/XR includes a new pulser technology that offers increased pule amplitude, advanced pulse shaping and faster pulse repetition rates to deliver improved data quality, larger analysis volumes, and increased productivity.

High yield design

The system uses a UV laser with a tightly focused spot when in laser mode. The small UV laser spot enables exceptional mass resolution to be obtained. The use of UV wavelength enables a wide variety of materials, including many insulators, to be analyzed while the computer controlled alignment of the laser spot with the specimen assures the highest possible success rates. 

LEAP HR mass spectrum

The LEAP 5000 R/XR offers excellent mass resolution in voltage and laser pulse modes. The spectrum to the left was taken in voltage pulsing mode. Note that the peaks are clearly differentiated.


LEAP 5000






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