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LEXES, Shallow Probe

Atom Probe Tomography


Quadrupole SIMS 4550

Germanium quantification in strained silicon using the CAMECA Quadrupole SIMS with OCE*
Oxynitride metrology using CAMECA Quadrupole SIMS*

IMS 7f / IMS 7f-Auto

SIMS for Materials Analysis in Nuclear Sciences (IMS 7f-Auto application note, 4 pages, Dec 2015)
> Download pdf (900kB)

Analysis of light elements with benchmark detection limits & high throughput (IMS 7f-Auto application note, 4 pages, Feb 2015)
> Download pdf (1.9MB)

SIMS Analytical Technique for R&D and Process Control of Novel LED Devices (4 pages)
> Download pdf (2.5MB)

Technical notes:
- Checkerboard software  > Download pdf (1.7MB)
- Accel-decel system for the duoplasmatron  > Download pdf (320kB)
- Post acceleration system   > Download pdf (419kB)
- Eucentric rotating stage  > Download pdf (471kB)
- Incidence angle variation  > Download pdf (302kB)

IMS Wf / SC Ultra

Ultra Shallow Boron Implant Characterization: EXLIE SIMS or PCOR? (4 pages, June 2012)
> Download pdf (885kB)

Thin Film Metrology and Ultra Shallow Implant Monitoring with EXtreme Low Impact Energy SIMS. (4 pages, Sep. 2010)
> Download pdf (1.4MB)

Extremely low impact energy SIMS characterization of graphene (Poster, Graphene Week, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2014)*

Assessment of SIMS Quantification on the First Few nm for B, P, and As Ultra Shallow Implants. Poster presentation at the 5th international Workshop on High Resolution Depth Profiling Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 2009*

Technical note:
- Checkerboard option  > Download pdf (1.7MB)

IMS 1280-HR / IMS 1300-HR³

- High Precision Sulfur Isotope Analysis with CAMECA Ultra High Sensitivity SIMS
> Download pdf (530 KB)

- Geochronology application note: "Advanced U-Th-Pb Geochronology with CAMECA Ultra High Sensitivity SIMS" August 2015
> Download pdf (450 kB) 


Microbiology application note: "Quantitative Measurement of Metabolic Activity of Single Microbial Cells in Environmental Samples"
> Download pdf (962kB)

Cell biolology application booket: "Multiple Isotope Mass Spectrometry for simultaneous stable isotope tracer imaging and measurements at subcellular level. A revolution in cellular biology"
> Download pdf (5,5Mb)

Geology & Materials application booklet: "Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer for trace element and isotope analysis at sub-micron resolution"
> Download pdf (4.2MB)


EPMA-essential-knwoledgeElectron Probe Microanalysis: Essential Knowledge Briefing.
A 32p booklet providing an introduction about EPMA and its capabilities, detailed explanation of the operation of the instrument, practical issues and case studies
> Download pdf (5.8MB)

Quantitative analysis & X-ray mapping at high spatial resolution with Field Emission EPMA
> Download pdf (980MB) 
Trace analysis in various aluminium-magnesium alloys*
Trace analysis in various steel specimen*
Analysis of phosphorus in steel*
WDS mapping of non flat samples*
Accuracy of quantitative analysis on major elements  > Download pdf (85kB)
Chemical shifts measurement  > Download pdf (215kB) 
SXFive crystals and their wavelength coverage  > Download pdf (24kB)
Geochronology & EPMA  > Download pdf (707kB)


Ultra Shallow Dopant Metrology with the CAMECA LEXFAB-300 (Application Note, February 2010)*

Addressing the challenges in elemental composition, thickness determination, and dopant dosimetry from FE to BE. Mona P. Moret et al., Semiconductor Fabtech, 37th edition, June 2008  
> Download pdf (198kB)


APT EKB tutorial Atom Probe Tomography: Essential Knowledge Briefing.
A 36p short tutorial booklet on APT, providing a practical introduction to the technique, insight in the operation of the instrument and several case studies.
> Download pdf (6Mb)

Set of 1-page application notes: 
- Correlative analysis - Carbon segregation with LEAP & STEM  > Download pdf (1.8MB)
- Grain boundary analysis - Analysis of Ni-based Super Alloy 600  > Download pdf (2.5MB)
- Grain boundary analysis - Analysis of Ultrafine Grained Light Alloys > Download pdf (2.0MB) 
- Nuclear - Nanoscale features providing radiation damage resistance > Download pdf (1.6MB) 
- Geology - Analysis of a 4.4 billion year old zircon > Download pdf (2.2MB) 
- Semiconductor - 3D analysis of a 28nm node S/D region > Download pdf (1.8MB) 
- LED device engineering - A case study in competitive analysis > Download pdf (1.6MB) 
- Optical fiber - Analysis of Dielectric Nanoparticles > Download pdf (1.5MB)
- Fuel cells - APT of perovskite materials > Download pdf (417 Kb)
- Solar cells - Characterization of buried interfaces in CIGSSe > Download pdf (469 Kb)
- 3D FinFET - Sample prep & 3D analysis of a 14 nm Device > Download pdf (799 Kb)
- Biological apatites - Interfaces and interphases in tooth enamel > Dowload pdf (403 Kb)
- Synergistic t-EBSD/TDK &APT Grain Boundary Analysis > Download file (1.7MB)
- Optoelectronics: Dopant Distribution in ALD-grown ZnO > Download pdf (1.7MB)

EIKOS application notes: 
R&D of nuclear structural alloys> Download pdf (1.1MB)
- Grain Boundary Engineering  > Download pdf (1.6MB)
- Synergistic t-EBDS/TKD & Atom Probe Tomography Analysis> Download pdf (1.4MB) 

Nanoscale materials characterization of metals and alloys using Local Electrode Atom Probe
> Download pdf (3.4MB)

Local Electrode Atom Probe Applications in Semiconductors
> Download pdf (9.9MB)

Recent scientific publications:

Hadean age for a post-magma-ocean zircon confirmed by atom-probe tomography. Valley et al. Nature Geoscience 219 (2014)
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

Reverse Engineering at the Atomic Scale: Competitite Analysis of Gallium-Nitride-Based Commercial Light-Emitting Diode. Giddings A.D. et al., Microscopy Today (2014)
> Download pdf (1.2MB)





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