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Quantitative Analysis and High Resolution X-ray Mapping with a Field Emission Electron Microprobe. C. Hombourger, M. Outrequin. Microscopy Today, Volume 21, Number 3, pp 10-15, May 2013

Renewal of the shielded Electron Probe Microanalyser (EPMA) in the CEA LECA-STAR hot laboratory: safety and technical improvements.
J. Lamontagne, T. Blay, P. Navarra. Poster presentation at Hotlab conference, Dimitrovgrad, Russia, 2010

Cathodoluminescence imaging and titanium thermometry in metamorphic quartz. F. S. Spear, D. A. Wark, J. metamorphic Geol., 27, pp 187-205, (2009)

Constructing ternary phase diagrams directly from EPMA compositional maps. D.R. Snoeyenbos, D. A. Wark, J. C. Zhao, Microscopy and Microanalysis 14 (Suppl. 2), pp 1276-1277 (2008)
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Imaging of cathodoluminescence zoning in calcite by scanning electron microscopy and hyper-spectral mapping. M. Lee, R.W. Martin, C. Trager-Cowan and P.R. Edwards, Journal of Sedimentary Research 75, pp 313-322 (2005)

An expert system for EPMA. Cecile Fournier, Claude Merlet, Pierre F. Staub, Olivier Dugne. Mikrochim. Acta 132, pp 531-539 (2000)

Spectral decomposition of wavelength dispersive X-ray spectra: implications for quantitative analysis in the electron probe microanalyser. G. Rémond, J. L. Campbell, R. H. Packwood, and M. Fialin, Scanning Microscopy Supplement, 7, pp 89–132 (1993)

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Trace elements

Determination of Nb, Ta, Zr and Hf in micro-phases at low concentrations by EPMA. F. Kalfoun, C. Merlet, and D. Ionov, Mikrochimica Acta, 139, pp 83–91 (2002) 
Advances in electron microprobe trace-element analysis. B. W. Robinson and J. Graham, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, vol. 43, p. 263–265 (1992)

Electron microprobe determination of minor and trace transition elements in silicate minerals: a method and its application to mineral zoning in the peridotite nodule PHN 1611. C. Merlet and J. L. Bodinier, Chemical Geology, 83, pp 55–69 (1990)

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Small areas

High spatial resolution electron probe microanalysis of tephras and melt inclusions without beam-induced chemical modification. C. Hayward, The Holocene, published online 8 August 2011  

Identification by EPMA of submicron borides in joints of nickel base superalloys. C. Pascal, C. Merlet, R. M. Marin-Ayral, J. C. Tédenac, and B. Boyer, Mikrochimica Acta vol. 145, Numbers 1-4, pp 147–151 (2004)

Submicrometer phase chemical composition analysis with an electron probe microanalyser. F. C. Y. Wang, X-Ray Spectrometry, 23, pp 203–207 (1994)  

Scanning electron microscopy techniques in the study of atmospheric aerosol particles. J. C. Seymour, R. N. Guillemette, and N. W. Tindale, Proceedings of the 28th Annual MAS Meeting, Ed. J.J. Friel, New Orleans, LA, pp 65–66 (1994)

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New evidence for Palaeoproterozoic High Grade Metamorphism in the Trivandrum Block, Southern India. Harley S.L. and Nandakumar V. Precambrian Resaerch 280 (2016), Pages 120-138

Accessory Mineral Behaviour in Granulite Migmatites: a Case Study from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, India. Harley S.L. and Nandakumar V (2014), Journal of Petrology, Volume 55, Issue 10, Pages 1965-2002. DOI: 10.1093/petrology/egu047

Opaque minerals, magnetic properties, and paleomagnetism of the Tissint Martian meteorite. Jérôme Gattacceca, Roger H. Hewins, Jean-Pierre Lorand, Pierre Rochette, France Lagroix, Cécile Cournède, Minoru Uehara, Sylvain Pont, Violaine Sautter, Rosa. B. Scorzelli, Chrystel Hombourger, Pablo Munayco, Brigitte Zanda, Hasnaa Chennaoui, Ludovic Ferrière. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 1-18 (2013)

Anomalous sulphur isotopes in plume lavas reveal deep mantle storage of Archaean crust. Rita A. Cabral, Matthew G. Jackson, Estelle F. Rose-Koga, Kenneth T. Koga, Martin J. Whitehouse, Michael A. Antonelli, James Farquhar, James M. D. Day, Erik H. Hauri. NATURE 496, 490-493 (25 April 2013)

How continuous and precise is the record of P–T paths? Insights from combined thermobarometry and thermodynamic modelling into subduction dynamics (Schistes Lustrés, W. Alps).
A. Plunder, P. Agard, B. Dubacq, C. Chopin, M. Bellanger. Journal of Metamorphic Geology (April 2012), v.30, issue 3, p. 323-346, DOI: 10.1111/j.1525-1314.2011.00969.x

Evaporation and recondensation of sodium in Semarkona Type II chondrules.
Roger H. Hewins, Brigitte Zanda, Claire Bendersky. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 78, 1 February 2012, Pages 1-17, ISSN 0016-7037, 10.1016/j.gca.2011.11.027.

Subduction interface processes recorded by eclogite-facies shear zones (Monviso, W Alps). S. Angiboust, P. Agard, H. Raimbourg, P. Yamato, B. Huet, Lithos, Volume 127, Issues 1–2, November 2011, Pages 222–238

Minerals of Britain and Ireland.
Tindle, A.G. Terra Publishing, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. 624 pp. (2008)

Gold mineralization within the Witwatersrand Basin, Sout Africa: evidence for a modified placer origin, and the role of the Vredefort impact event. C. L. Hayward, W. U. Reimold, R. L. Gibson & L. J. Robb. Geological Society, London, Special Publications v. 248; p. 31-58; DOI: 10.1144/GSL.SP.2005.248.01.02 (2005)

Liddicoatite and associated species from the Mc Combe spodumene-subtype rare-element granitic pegmatite, Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Tindle, A.G., Selway, J.B. and Breaks, F.W., Can. Mineral. 43, 769-793 (2005)

Tourmaline in petalite-subtype granitic pegmatites: evidence of fractionation and contamination from the Pakeagama Lake and Separation Lake areas of NW Ontario, Canada. Tindle, A.G., Breaks, F.W. and Selway, J.B. Can. Mineral. 40, 753-788 (2002)

Columbite-tantalite mineral chemistry from rare-element granitic pegmatites: Separation Lake area, N.W. Ontario, Canada. Tindle, A.G. and Breaks, F.W., Mineralogy & Petrology 70, 165-198 (2000)

Tantalum mineralogy of rare-element granitic pegmatites from the Separation Lake area, NW Ontario, Canada. Tindle, A.G. and Breaks, F.W. Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6022, 378pp (2000)

A Reappraisal of the Pressure-Temperature Path of Granulites from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India. V. Nandakumar and Simon Leigh Harley. The Journal of Geology 108(6):687-703 · November 2000

Oxide minerals of the Separation Rapids Rare-Element Granitic Pegmatite Group, northwestern Ontario. Tindle, A.G. and Breaks, F.W., Can. Mineral. 36, 609-635 (1998)

Wodginite-group minerals from the Separation Rapids Rare-Element Granitic Pegmatite Group, northwestern Ontario. Tindle, A.G., Breaks, F.W. and Webb, P.C., Can. Mineral. 36, 637-658. (1998)

  • Fe2+ and Fe3+

Accurate determination of ferric iron in garnets. Ryan J. Quinn, John W. Valley, F. Zeb Page, John H. Fournelle, American Mineralogist, Volume 101, pages 1704–1707. (2016)

Aluminum and iron behavior in glasses from destabilized spinels: A record of fluid/melt-mineral interaction in mantle xenoliths from Massif Central, France. Michel Fialin, Christiane Wagner, American Mineralogist, Volume 100, pages 1411–1423. (2015)

Determination of Fe3+/Fe using the electron microprobe: A calibration for amphiboles. William M. Lamb, Renald Guillemette, Robert K. Popp, Steven J. Fritz, Gregory J. Chmiel, American Mineralogist, Volume 97, pages 951–961. (2012)

Iron speciation using electron microprobe techniques: application to glassy melt pockets within a spinel lherzolite xenolith. Michel Fialin, Christiane Wagner, M.-L. Pascal, Mineralogical Magazine, April 2011, Vol. 75(2), pp. 347–362. (2011)

Quantitative electron microprobe analysis of Fe3+/ΣFe: Basic concepts and experimental protocol for glasses. Michel Fialin, Antoine Bézos, Christiane Wagner, Veronique Magnien, Eric Humler, American Mineralogist, Volume 89, pages 654–662. (2004)

Quantification of Fe2+/Fe3+ by Electron Microprobe Analysis – New Developments. H. E. Höfer, Hyperfine Interactions 144/145: 239–248. (2002) 

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Limitations of chemical dating of monazite. Frank S. Spear, Joseph M. Pyle, Daiele Cherniak, Chemical Geology 266, pp 227-239 (2009) 

Electron probe (Ultrachron) microchronometry of metamorphic monazite: Unraveling the timing of polyphase thermotectonism in the easternmost Wyoming Craton (Black Hills, South Dakota). Dahl, P.S. et al., American Mineralogist, 90, pp 1712-1728 (2005)

Analytical perils (and progress) in electron microprobe trace element analysis applied to geochronology: Background acquisition, interferences, and beam irradiation effects. M. J. Jercinovic and M. L. Williams, American Mineralogist (2004)

Microprobe monazite geochronology: putting absolute time into microstructural analysis. M. L. Williams and M. J. Jercinovic, Journal of Structural Geology, 24, pp 1013-1028 (2002)
Electron microprobe dating of monazite. J. M Montel, S. Foret, et al, Chemical Geology 131,  pp 37–53 (1996)

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The tectono-metamorphic evolution of metasedimentary rocks of the Nampo group outcropped in the area of the Daecheon Beach and Maryangri, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. Yong-Sun Song, Jungyoun Choi, and Kye-Hun Park. Jour. Petrol. Soc. Korea Vol.17, N° 1, p 1-15 (2008) (article in Korean)

Assessment of the primary structure of slabs and the influence on hot- and cold-rolled strip structure. Hubert Presslinger, Michael Mayr, Ernst Tragl, Christian Bernhard. Steel Research Int. 77 N02 (2006)

Capability and uncertainty in multilayer quantitative procedure with Electron Probe Microanalysis. C. Merlet, Proceed. of Microscopy and Microanalysis, Edited by E. Voelkl, D. Piston, R. Gauvin, A. J. Lockley, G. W. Bailey, and S. Mckernan, Microscopy and Microanalysis, Vol 8, supp.2, Cambridge University press, pp 428–429 (2002)
Study of surface modification of uranium and UFe2 by various surface analysis techniques. O. Bonino, O. Dugne, C. Merlet, E. Gat, Ph. Holliger, and M. Lahaye, Journal of Nuclear Materials 294, 3, pp 305 (2001)

The dependence of the optical energies on InGaN composition. K. P. O'Donnell, et al, Materials Science and Engineering: B82, pp 194–196 (2001)

EPMA sputter depth profiling: a new technique for quantitative in-depth analysis of layered structures. P. Karduck and A. von Richthofen, Proc. 29th annual MAS meeting, pp 205–206 (1995)

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Light elements / Soft X-rays

Electron probe microanalysis near phase boundaries of Cu-TiN system. C. Fournier, S. Lequeux, C. Fucili, F. Le Guyadec, and C. Merlet, Proceedings 3rd Regional Workshop EMAS, Barcelona, Spain, p 43 (1998)

Electron-probe microanalysis of ultra-light elements in multiphase diffusion couples. W. Lengauer, J. Bauer, M. Bohn, H. Wiesenberger, and P. Ettmayer, Proc. 4th EMAS European workshop, p 374 (1995)

Electron probe microanalysis of submicron coatings of ultralight elements. P. Willich and R. Bethke, Microbeam Analysis, 2, pp 45–52 (1993)

EPMA studies of L-emission spectra and measurements on Mn La self-absorption coefficient as indicator of its chemical state in minerals. I. P. Laputina, V. A. Batyrev, V. V. Changulov, and I. B. Baranova, Proc. 4th EMAS European workshop, pp 370 (1995)

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Biology / Life sciences

Distinguishing geology from biology in the Ediacaran Doushantuo biota relaxes constraints on the timing of the origin of bilaterians. Cunningham JA, Thomas CW, Bengtson S, Kearns SL, Xiao S, Marone F, Stampanoni M, Donoghue PC. Proc Biol Sci. 2012 Jun 22;279(1737):2369-76 (2012)

In situ identification and X-ray imaging of microorganisms distribution on the Tatahouine meteorite. Lemelle L, Salome M, Fialin M, Simionovici A , Gillet P. Spectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy, vol. 59, p. 1703-1710 (2004)

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Nuclear sciences

Heat capacity of Bi2UO6. K. Popa, O. Beneš, P. E. Raison, J-C. Griveau, P. Pöml, E. Colineau, R.J.M. Konings, J. Somers. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 465, p. 653-656, doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2015.06.055 (2015)

ECRIX-H Irradiation: Post-Irradiation Examinations and Simulations. S. Béjaoui, J. Lamontagne, E. Esbelin, J.M. Bonnerot, E. Brunon, P. Bourdot, Y. Pontillon. Presentation at FP7 FAIRFUELS Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2011

Chemical States of Fission Products and Actinides in Irradiated Oxide Fuels Analyzed by Thermodynamic Calculation and Post-Irradiation Examination. K. Kurosaki, K. Tanaka, M. Osaka, Y. Ohishi, H. Muta, M. Uno, S.Yamanaka. Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 2, p.5-8 (2011) 

Microstructural evolution and Am migration behavior in Am-containing MOX fuels at the initial stage of irradiation.
K. Tanaka, S. Miwa, I. Sato, M. Osaka, T. Hirosawa, H. Obayashi, S. Koyama, H. Yoshimochi, K. Tanaka. Presentation at the 10th OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation, Mito, Japan, October 2008

On the Oxidation State of UO2 Nuclear Fuel at a Burn-Up of Around 100 MWd/kgHM.
C.T. Walker, V.V. Rondinella, D. Papaioannou, S. Van Winckel, W. Goll, R. Manzel. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 345, p. 192–205 (2005)

Analysis of High Radioactive Materials in Irradiated DUPIC SIMFUEL Using EPMA. Jung, Yang Hong; Yoo, Bang Ok; Joo Yong Sun; Kim, Hee Mun; Jung In Ha; Kim, Myung Han. Journal of the Korean Radioactive Waste Society, Vol. 2(2), p. 125-133 (2004)

Multiple voltage electron probe microanalysis of fission gas bubbles in irradiated nuclear fuel. M. Verwerft. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 282, p. 97-111, doi:10.1016/S0022-3115(00)00421-9 (2000)


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