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A new model for biomineralization and trace-element signatures of Foraminifera tests. G. Nehrke, N. Keul, G. Langer, L. J. de Nooijer, J. Bijma, and A. Meibom. Biogeosciences, 10, 6759–6767, 2013. DOI:10.5194/bg-10-6759-2013
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Simultaneous extension of both basic microstructural components in scleractinian coral skeleton during night and daytime, visualized by in situ 86Sr pulse labeling. I. Domart-Coulon, J. Stolarski, C. Brahmi, E. Gutner-Hoch, K. Janiszewska, A. Shemesh, A. Meibom. Journal of Structural Biology 185 (2014) 79–88.
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Unusual Micrometric Calcite–Aragonite Interface in the Abalone Shell Haliotis (Mollusca, Gastropoda). Yannicke Dauphin, Jean-Pierre Cuif, Hiram Castillo-Michel, Corinne Chevallard, Bastien Farre and Anders Meibom. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2013. DOI:10.1017/S1431927613013718.
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Microscale neodymium distribution in sedimentary planktonic foraminiferal tests and associated mineral phases. Kazuyo Tachikawa, Takashi Toyofuku, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch, Thomas Delhaye. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 100 (2013) 11–23.
 > Download (3.611 MB) 

Skeletal growth dynamics linked to trace-element composition in the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis. Chloe Brahmi, C. Kopp, I. Domart-Coulon, J. Stolarski, Anders Meibom. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 99 (2012) 146–158.
>Download (2.173 MB) 

Past daily light cycle recorded in the strontium/calcium ratios of giant clam shells.
Sano Y, Kobayashi S, Shirai K, Takahata N, Matsumoto K, Watanabe T, Sowa K, Iwai K. Nat Commun. 2012 Mar 27;3:761. doi: 10.1038/ncomms1763 (2012)
> Download pdf (2MB) 

Going nano: a new step towards understanding the processes governing freshwater ooid formation. M. Pacton, D. Ariztegui, D. Wacey, M.R. Kilburn, C. Rollion-Bard, R. Farah, and C. Vasconcelos. Geology, June 2012 548-550
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Calcareous sponge biomineralization: Ultrastructural and compositional heterogeneity of spicules in Leuconia johnstoni Carter, 1871. Christophe Kopp, Anders Meibom, Olivier Beyssac, Jarosław Stolarski, Shakib Djediat, Jakub Szlachetko, Isabelle Domart-Coulon. Journal of Structural Biology 173 (2011) 99–109.
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NanoSIMS: Insights into the Organization of the Proteinaceous Scaffold within Hexactinellid Sponge Spicules. Werner E. G. Müller, Xiaohong Wang Bärbel Sinha, Matthias Wiens, Heinz-C. Schrçder, and Klaus Peter Jochum. ChemBioChem 2010, 11, 1077 – 1082, DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201000078.
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Desulfovibrio magneticus RS-1 contains an iron- and phosphorus-rich organelle distinct from its bulletshaped magnetosomes. Meghan E. Byrne, D. A. Ball, J-L Guerquin-Kern, Isabelle Rouiller, Ting-Di Wu, Kenneth H. Downing, Hojatollah Vali, and Arash Komeili. PNAS, July 6, 2010, vol. 107, no. 27, pages 12263–12268.
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A Layered Structure in the Organic Envelopes of the Prismatic Layer of the Shell of the Pearl Oyster Pinctada margaritifera (Mollusca, Bivalvia). Y. Dauphin, A. Brunelle, M. Cotte, J.P. Cuif, B. Farre, O. Laprévote, A. Meibom, M. Salomé, and C.T. Williams. Microsc. Microanal. 16, 91–98, 2010
> Download pdf (1.8MB)

Skeletal growth, ultrastructure and composition of the azooxanthellate scleractinian coral Balanophyllia regia. C. Brahmi, A. Meibom, D. C. Smith, J. Stolarski, S. Auzoux-Bordenave, J. Nouet, D. Doumenc, C. Djediat, I. Domart-Coulon. Coral Reefs (2010) 29:175–189. 
> Download pdf (689KB) 

Dynamics of sheet nacre formation in bivalves. Marthe Rousseau, Anders Meibom, Marc Gèze, Xavier Bourrat, Martine Angellier, Evelyne Lopez. Journal of Structural Biology 165 (2009) 190-195
> Download pdf (1.4MB)

Strontium-86 labeling experiments show spatially heterogeneous skeletal formation in the scleractinian coral Porites porites. Fanny Houlbreque, A. Meibom, J-P. Cuif, J. Stolarski, Y. Marrocchi, C. Ferrier-Pages, I. Domart-Coulon, R.B. Dunbar. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 36, L04604, 2009
> Download pdf (280kB)

Novel analytical approach to bivalve shell biogeochemistry: A case study of hydrothermal mussel shell. Kotari Shirai, Naoto Takahata, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Tamano Omata, Takenori Sasaki and Yuji Sano. Geochemical Journal, Vol. 42, pp. 413 to 420, 2008.
> Download pdf (4.7 MB)

Biological forcing controls the chemistry of reef-buiding coral skeleton.
Anders Meibom, S. Mostefaoui, J-P. Cuif, Y. Dauphin, F. Houlbreque, R. Dunbar, B. Constantz, Geophysical Research letter, vol 34, L02601, 2007.

Electron and ion microprobe analysis of calcium distribution and transport in coral tissues. Alan T. Marshall, Peta L. Clode, Robert Russell, Kathryn Prince, Richard Stern. The Journal of Experimental Biology 210, 2453-2463, 2007

Microdistribution of Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, and Ba/Ca ratios in Pulleniatina obliquiloculata test by using a NanoSIMS: Implication for the vital effect mechanism. Daisuke Kunioka, Kotaro Shirai, Naoto Takahata, Yuji Sano, Takashi Toyofuku, Yurika Ujiie. G3, Volume 7, Number 12, 14 December 2006

Distribution of magnesium in coral skeleton. Anders Meibom, J-P Cuif, F. Hillion, B. R. Constanz, A. Juillet-Leclerc, Y.Dauphin, T. Wanatabe, R.B. Dunbar. Geophysical Research Letter, vol. 13, L23306, 2004 


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Environmental Microbiology

Nitrate-based niche differentiation by distinct sulfate-reducing bacteria involved in the anaerobic oxidation of methane. A Green-Saxena, AE Dekas, NF Dalleska and VJ Orphan. The ISME Journal (2014) 8, 150–163. DOI:10.1038/ismej.2013.147
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Correlated SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, and NanoSIMS Imaging of Microbes from the Hindgut of a Lower Termite: Methods for In Situ Functional and Ecological Studies of Uncultivable Microbes. Kevin J. Carpenter, Peter K. Weber, M. Lee Davisson, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Michael I. Haverty, and Patrick J. Keeling. Microsc. Microanal. 19, 1490–1501, 2013. DOI:10.1017/S1431927613013482
> Download pdf (0.63 MB)

Responses of the coastal bacterial community to viral infection of the algae Phaeocystis globosa. Abdul R Sheik, Corina PD Brussaard, Gaute Lavik, Phyllis Lam, Niculina Musat, Andreas Krupke, Sten Littmann, Marc Strous and Marcel MM Kuypers. The ISME Journal (2013), 1–14
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In situ identification and N2 and C fixation rates of uncultivated cyanobacteria populations. Andreas Krupke, Niculina Musat, Julie LaRoche, Wiebke Mohr, Bernhard M. Fuchs, Rudolf I. Amann, Marcel M., M. Kuypers, Rachel A. Foster. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, June, 2013.
> Download pdf (1.707MB)

Measuring carbon and N2 fixation in field populations of colonial and free-living unicellular cyanobacteria using nanometer-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry.
Rachel A. Foster, Saar Sztejrenszus, Marcel M., M. Kuypers. Phycological Society of America, 25 March, 2013.
> Download pdf (586KB)

Highly dynamic cellular-level response of symbiotic coral to a sudden increase in environmental nitrogen. Kopp C, Pernice M, Domart-Coulon I, Djediat C, Spangenberg JE, Alexander DTL, Hignette M, Meziane T, Meibom A. mBio, May 14, 2013.
> Download pdf (4.768 MB)

Viral infection of Phaeocystis globosa impedes release of chitinous star-like structures: quantification using single cell approaches. A. R. Sheik, C. P. D. Brussaard, G. Lavik, R. A. Foster, N. Musat, B. dam1 and M. M. M. Kuypers. Environmental Microbiology (2012)
> Download pdf (1.73 MB)

Anaerobic degradation of propane and butane by sulfate-reducing bacteria enriched from marine hydrocarbon cold seeps. Ulrike Jaekel, Niculina Musat, Birgit Adam, Marcel Kuypers, Olav Grundmann and Florin Musat. The ISME Journal (2012), 1–11
> Download pdf (2.96 MB)

Linking environmental processes to the in situ functioning of microorganisms by high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS) and scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM).
Sebastian Behrens, Andreas Kappler and Martin Obst. Environmental Microbiology, 2012.
> Download pdf (833KB)

Anoxic carbon flux in photosynthetic microbial mats as revealed by metatranscriptomics. Luke C Burow, Dagmar Woebken, Ian PG Marshall, Erika A Lindquist, Brad M Bebout, Leslie Prufert-Bebout, Tori M Hoehler, Susannah G Tringe, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Peter K Weber, Alfred M Spormann, Steven W Singer. The ISME Journal (2012), p. 1–13
> Download (1.3MB)

Zero-valent sulphur is a key intermediate in marine methane oxidation. Jana Milucka, Timothy G. Ferdelman, Lubos Polerecky, Daniela Franzke, Gunter Wegener, Markus Schmid,3 Ingo Lieberwirth, Michael Wagner, Friedrich Widdel1 & Marcel M. M. Kuypers. NATURE 22 November 2012, volume 491, p. 541–546
> Download pdf (978KB)

Unicellular Cyanobacterium Symbiotic with a Single-Celled Eukaryotic. Anne W. Thompson, Rachel A. Foster, Andreas Krupke, Brandon J. Carter, Niculina Musat, Daniel Vaulot, Marcel M. M. Kuypers, Jonathan P. Zehr. SCIENCE 21 September 2012, Vol. 337 no. 6101 pp. 1546-1550, DOI: 10.1126/science.1222700
> Download pdf (3.1MB)

Identification of a novel cyanobacterial group as active diazotrophs in a coastal microbial mat using NanoSIMS analysis.
Dagmar Woebken, Luke C Burow, Leslie Prufert-Bebout, Brad M Bebout, Tori M Hoehler, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Alfred M Spormann, Peter K Weber and Steven W Singer. The ISME Journal (2012), 1–13
> Download pdf (680KB) 

A single-cell view of ammonium assimilation in coral–dinoflagellate symbiosis. Mathieu Pernice, Anders Meibom, Annamieke Van Den Heuvel, Christophe Kopp, Isabelle Domart-Coulon, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Sophie Dove. The ISME Journal (5 January 2012), doi:10.1038/ismej.2011.196
> Download pdf (810KB)

Carbon and nitrogen assimilation in deep subseafloor microbial cells. Yuki Morono, Takeshi Terada, Manabu Nishizawa, Motoo Ito, François Hillion, Naoto Takahata, Yuji Sano and Fumio Inagakia. PNAS November 8, 2011 vol. 108 no. 45 18295-18300.
> Download pdf (1.2MB)

High-throughput isotopic analysis of RNA microarrays to quantify microbial resource use. Xavier Mayali, Peter K Weber, Eoin L Brodie, Shalini Mabery, Paul D Hoeprich and Jennifer Pett-Ridge. The ISME Journal (2011), 1–12
> Download pdf (748kB)

Detecting metabolic activities in single cells, with emphasis on NanoSIMS. Niculina Musat, Rachel Foster, Tomas Vagner, Birgit Adam & Marcel M. M. Kuypers. FEMS Microbiol Rev (2011) 1–26
> Download pdf (651kB)

Carbon, nitrogen and O2 fluxes associated with the cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena in the Baltic Sea. Helle Ploug, Birgit Adam, Niculina Musat, Tim Kalvelage, Gaute Lavik, Dieter Wolf-Gladrow and Marcel MM Kuypers. The ISME Journal (2011), 1–10.
> Download pdf (502KB)

Nitrososphaera viennensis, an ammonia oxidizing archaeon from soil. Maria Tourna, Michaela Stieglmeier, Anja Spang, Martin Könneke, Arno Schintlmeister, Tim Urich, Marion Engel, Michael Schloter, Michael Wagner, Andreas Richter, and Christa Schleper. PNAS approved March 31, 2011.
> Download pdf (986KB)

Nitrogen fixation and transfer in open ocean diatom–cyanobacterial symbioses. Rachel A Foster, Marcel MM Kuypers, Tomas Vagner, Ryan W Paerl, Niculina Musat and Jonathan P Zehr. The ISME Journal (2011), 1–10.
> Download pdf (508KB)

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus. Felisa Wolfe-Simon, Jodi Switzer Blum, Thomas R. Kulp, Gwyneth W. Gordon, Shelley E. Hoeft, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, John F. Stolz, Samuel M. Webb, Peter K. Weber, Paul C. W. Davies, Ariel D. Anbar, Ronald S. Oremland. SCIENCE, published online 2 December 2010. Sience.1197258
> Download pdf (1.6MB)

Carbon and nitrogen fluxes associated with the cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon sp. in the Baltic Sea. Helle Ploug, Niculina Musat, Birgit Adam, Christina Moraru, Gaute Lavik, Tomas Vagner, Birgitta Bergman and Marcel Kuypers. The ISME Journal April 2010
> Download pdf (530KB)

Identification of Diazotrophic Microorganisms in Marine Sediment via Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Coupled to Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FISH-NanoSIMS).
Anne E. Dekas and Victoria J. Orphan. Chapter 12 of: Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 486, Research on Nitrification and related processes, part A. Edited by Martin G. Klotz

Uptake visualization of deltamethrin by NanoSIMS and acute toxicity to the water flea Daphnia magna. T. Eybe, T. Bohn, J.N. Audinot, T. Udelhoven, H.M. Cauchie, H.N. Migeon, L. Hoffmann. Chemosphere 76 (2009) 134–140

Methods for unveiling cryptic microbial partnerships in nature. Victoria J Orphan. Current Opinion in Microbiology 2009, 12:1–7
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

Deep-Sea Archaea fix and share nitrogen in methane-consuming microbial consortia. Anne E. Dekas, Rachel S. Poretsky, Victoria J. Orphan. SCIENCE, Vol 326, 16 october 2009
> Download pdf (3.2MB)

Co-occurrence of denitrification and nitrogen fixation in a meromictic lake, Lake Cadagno (Switzerland). Hannah Halm, N. Musat, P. Lam, R. Langlois, F. Musat, S. Peduzzi, G. Lavik, C.J. Schubert, B. Singha, J. LaRoche and M. M. M. Kuypers. Environmental Microbiology (2009)
> Download pdf (711kB)

Fixation and fate of C and N in the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium using nanometer-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry.
J. A. Finzi-Hart, J. Pett-Ridge, P. K. Weber, R. Popa, S. J. Fallon, T. Gunderson, I. D. Hutcheon, K. H. Nealson and D. G. Capone. PNAS April 14, 2009, vol. 106 no. 15, p.6345–6350
> Download pdf (748kB)

NanoSIMS 50 elucidation of the natural element composition in structures of cyanobacteria and their exposure to halogen compounds. T. Eybe, J.N. Audinot, T. Bohn, C. Guignard, H.N. Migeon and L. Hoffmann. Journal of Applied Microbiology ISSN 1364-5072, 2008
> Download pdf (622 KB)

A single-cell view on the ecophysiology of anaerobic phototrophic bacteria. Niculina Musat, H. Halm, B. Winterholler, P. Hoppe, S. Peduzzi, F. Hillion,F. Horreard, R. Amann, B.B. Jørgensen, and M.M.M. Kuypers. PNAS, Nov. 18, 2008, vol.105, no.46 pages 17861–17866
> Downkoad pdf (1MB)

Linking microbial phylogeny to metabolic activity at the single-cell level by using enhanced element labeling-catalyzed reporter deposition Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization and nanometer-scale Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry. Sebastian Behrens,Tina Losekann, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Peter K. Weber, Wing-On Ng, Bradley S. Stevenson, Ian D. Hutcheon, David A. Relman and Alfred M. Spormann. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, May 2008
> Download pdf (445kB)

Simultaneous analysis of microbial identity and function using NanoSIMS. Tianlun Li, Ting-Di Wu, Laurent Mazéas, Laurent Toffin, Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern, G. Leblon, Th. Bouchez. Environmental Microbiology (2007). On-line nov. 2007

Quantitative imaging of nitrogen fixation by individual bacteria within animal cells. Claude Lechene, Yvette Luyten, Gregory McMahon, Daniel L. Distel. SCIENCE, 14 sept 2007, vol 317

Carbon and nitrogen fixation and metabolite exchange in and between individual cells of Anabaena oscillarioides. Radu Popa, Peter K Weber, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Juliette A Finzi, Stewart J Fallon, Ian D Hutcheon, K. H Nealson an d Douglas G Capone. The ISME Journal (2007) 1, 354–360


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Plant / Soil

Submicron structures provide preferential spots for carbon and nitrogen sequestration in soils. Cordula Vogel, Carsten W. Mueller, Carmen Höschen, Franz Buegger, Katja Heister, Stefanie Schulz, Michael Schloter & Ingrid Kögel-Knabner. Nature Communications, 7 Jan 2014. DOI:10.1038/ncomms3947
> Download pdf (0.96MB)

Competition between plant and bacterial cells at the microscale regulates the dynamics of nitrogen acquisition in wheat (Triticum aestivum). David L. Jones, Peta L. Clode, Matt R. Kilburn, Elizabeth A. Stockdale and Daniel V. Murphy. New Phytologist (2013) doi: 10.1111/nph.12405
> Download pdf (1.19 MB)

High resolution SIMS analysis of arsenic in rice.
Katie L. Moore, Chris R. Hawes, Steve P. McGrath, Fang-Jie Zhao and Chris R. M. Grovenor.
Surf. Interface Anal. 2013, 45, 309–311
> Download (183KB)

Visualization and localization of bromotoluene distribution in Hedera helix using NanoSIMS.
Ronan Tartivel, Romuald Tatin, Thomas Delhaye, Arthur Maupas, Amaury Gendron, Samy Gautier, Olivier Lavastre. Chemosphere 89 (2012) 805–809
>Download (968KB)

Understanding the fate and linkage of N and S in earthworm-engineered peat soil by coupling stable isotopes and nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry. Aurelien Gicquel, Andre-Jean Francez, Thomas Delhaye, gerard Gruau, Vincent Hallaire, Francoise Binet. Biogeochemistry, March 2012.
> Download pdf (1.6MB)

Root uptake and phytotoxicity of nanosized molybdenum octahedral clusters.
Tangi Aubert, Agnès Burel, Marie-Andrée Esnault, Stéphane Cordier, Fabien Grasset, Francisco Cabello-Hurtado Journal of Hazardous Materials 219– 220 (2012) 111– 118
> Download (2.538MB)

A multi-scale approach to determine accurate elemental and isotopic ratios by nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging. Hatton PJ, Remusat L, Zeller B, Derrien D. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2012 Jun 15;26(11):1363-71.
> Download pdf (2.3MB)

NanoSIMS study of organic matter associated with soil aggregates: advantages, limitations, and combination with STXM. Remusat L, Hatton PJ, Nico PS, Zeller B, Kleber M, Derrien D. Environ Sci Technol. 2012 Apr 3;46(7):3943-9.
> Download pdf (2.54MB)

High-Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Reveals the Contrasting Subcellular Distribution of Arsenic and Silicon in Rice Roots. Katie L. Moore, Markus Schroder, Zhongchang Wu, Barry G.H. Martin, Chris R. Hawes, Steve P. McGrath, Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Jian Feng Ma, Fang-Jie Zhao, and Chris R.M. Grovenor. Plant Physiology, June 2011, Vol. 156, pp. 913–92.
> Download pdf (2MB)

Cadmium and zinc localization by SIMS in leaves of Populus deltoides (cv. Lena) grown in ametal polluted soil. Aude Migeon, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Tanja Eybe, Pierre Richaud, Blaudez Damien, Henri-Noel Migeon andMichel Chalot., June 2010, DOI 10.1002/sia.3445
> Download pdf (194 KB)

Application of nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry to plant cell research. Matt R. Kilburn, David L. Jones, Peta L. Clode, John B. Cliff, Elizabeth A. Stockdale, Anke M. Herrmann and Daniel V. Murphy. Plant Signaling & Behavior 5:6, 760-762; June 2010; © 2010 Landes Bioscience
> Download pdf (352 KB)

High-resolution elemental localization in vacuolate plant cells by nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry. Katharine E. Smart, J. Andrew C. Smith, Matt R. Kilburn, Barrie G. H. Martin, Chris Hawes and Chris R. M. Grovenor. The Plant Journal (2010) 63, 870–879.
> Download pdf (1.02MB)

Use of phosphate to avoid uranium toxicity in Arabidopsis thaliana leads to alterations of morphological and physiological responses regulated by phosphate availability. Julie Misson, Pascale Henner, Marcel Morello, Magali Floriani, Ting-Di Wu, Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern, Laureline Février. Environmental and Experimental Botany 67 (2009) 353–362.
> Download (1.7MB)

In Situ Mapping of Nutrient Uptake in the Rhizosphere Using Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.
Peta L. Clode, Matt R. Kilburn, David L. Jones, Elizabeth A. Stockdale, John B. Cliff III, Anke M. Herrmann, and Daniel V. Murphy. Plant Physiology, December 2009, Vol. 151, pp. 1751–1757.
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

NanoSIMS analysis of arsenic and selenium in cereal grain. Katie L. Moore, Markus Schroder, Enzo Lombi, Fang-Jie Zhao, Steve P. McGrath, Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Peter R. Shewry and Chris R. M. Grovenor.  New Phytologist (2009)
> Download pdf (1.4MB)

Nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry — A new analytical tool in biogeochemistry and soil ecology: A review article. Anke M. Herrmann, Karl Ritz, Naoise Nunan, Peta L. Clode, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Matt R. Kilburn, Daniel V. Murphy, Anthony G. O’Donnell, Elizabeth A. Stockdale. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 39 (2007) 1835–1850 
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

NanoSIMS and EPMA analysis of nickel localisation in leaves of the hyperaccumulator plant Alyssum lesbiacum. K.E. Smart, M.R. Kilburn, C.J. Salter, J.A.C. Smith, C.R.M. Grovenor, International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 260 (2007) P.107–114
> Download pdf (2.15 MB)

Nitrogen Mineralization and Assimilation at Millimeter Scales. David D. Myrold, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, and Peter J. Bottomley in Methods in ENZYMOLOGY, Volume 496. Research on Nitrification and related processes, Part B. Chapter four, pp.91-115.  






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Cell Biology

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Exploits Asparagine to Assimilate Nitrogen and Resist Acid Stress during Infection. Gouzy A, Larrouy-Maumus G, Bottai D, Levillain F, Dumas A, Wallach JB, Caire-Brandli I, de Chastellier C, Wu TD, Poincloux R, Brosch R, Guerquin-Kern JL, Schnappinger D, Sório de Carvalho LP, Poquet Y, Neyrolles O. PLoS Pathog. 2014 Feb 20;10(2)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis nitrogen assimilation and host colonization require aspartate. Gouzy A, Larrouy-Maumus G, Wu TD, Peixoto A, Levillain F, Lugo-Villarino G, Gerquin-Kern JL, de Carvalho LP, Poquet Y, Neyrolles O. Nat Chem Biol. 2013 Nov;9(11):674-6

Study of Reactive Oxygen or/and Nitrogen Species Binding Processes on E. coli Bacteria with Mass Spectrometry Isotopic Nanoimaging. David Duday, Franck Clement, Elodie Lecoq, Christian Penny, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Thierry Belmonte, Kinga Kutasi, Henry-Michel Cauchie, Patrick Choquet. Plasma Process. Polym. 2013, DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201200173
> Download pdf (1.2 MB)

Colocalization of the Ganglioside GM1 and Cholesterol Detected by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.
Mónica M. Lozano, Zhao Liu, Eva Sunnick,Andreas Janshoff, Krishna Kumar, and Steven G. Boxer.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, 135, 5620−5630
> Download pdf (1.36 MB)

Host-compound foraging by intestinal microbiota revealed by single-cell stable isotope probing. David Berry, Bärbel Stecher, Arno Schintlmeistera, Jochen Reicherta, Sandrine Brugiroux Birgit Wild, Wolfgang Wanek, Andreas Richter, Isabella Rauch, Thomas Decker, Alexander Loy, and Michael Wagner. Edited by Ralph R. Isberg, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, and approved February 6, 2013
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Publication page from the web site of the NRIMS, National Resource for Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Harvard Medical School/MIT/Brigham & Women's Hospital, Cambridge, MA, USA
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Direct chemical evidence for sphingolipid domains in the plasma membranes of fibroblasts.
Jessica F. Frisz, Kaiyan Lou, Haley A. Klitzing, William P. Hanafin, Vladimir Lizunov, Robert L. Wilson, Kevin J. Carpenter, Raehyun Kim, Ian D. Hutcheon, Joshua Zimmerberg, Peter K. Weber, and Mary L. Kraft. PNAS Early Edition 2013
> Download (2.9MB)

Identification and localization of nanoparticles in tissues by mass spectrometry.
Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Anastasia Georgantzopoulou, Jean-Pascal Piret, Arno C. Gutleb, David Dowsett, Henri Noel Migeon and Lucien Hoffmann. Surf. Interface Anal. 2013, 45, 230–233
> Download (388KB)

50nm-Scale Localization of Single Unmodified,Isotopically Enriched, Proteins in Cells.
Anthony Delaune, A. Cabin-Flaman, G. Legent, D. Gibouin, C. Smet-Nocca, F. Lefebvre, A. Benecke, M. Vasse, Camille Ripoll. PLOS ONE, February 2013, Volume 8, Issue 2, e56559
>Download pdf (1.3MB)

Unregulated brain iron deposition in transgenic mice overexpressing HMOX1 in the astrocytic compartment.
Wei Song, H.Zukor, S-H Lin, A. Liberman, A. Tavitian, J. Mui, H. Vali, C. Fillebeen, K. Pantopoulos, T-D u, J-L Guerquin Kern, H.M. Schipper. Journal of neurochemistry, 2012, 123, 325-336.
> Download (1.5MB)

Mammalian heart renewal by pre-existing cardiomyocytes. Samuel E. Senyo, M. L. Steinhauser, C. L. Pizzimenti, V. K. Yang, L. Cai, M. Wang, T-D Wu, J-L Guerquin-Kern, C. P. Lechene & R. T. Lee. NATURE (05 December 2012) doi:10.1038/nature11682
> Download pdf (8.1MB)

Early in vivo changes in calcium ions, oxidative stress markers, and ion channel immunoreactivity following partial injury to the optic nerve. Wells J, Kilburn MR, Shaw JA, Bartlett CA, Harvey AR, Dunlop SA, Fitzgerald M. J Neurosci Res. 2012 Mar;90(3):606-18
> Download pdf (799KB)

Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry reveals slow protein turnover in hair-cell stereocilia. Duan-Sun Zhang, Valeria Piazza, Benjamin J. Perrin, Agnieszka K. Rzadzinska, J. Collin Poczatek, MeiWang, Haydn M. Prosser, James M. Ervasti, David P. Corey & Claude P. Lechene. NATURE, vol 481, 26 January 2012
> Download pdf (19.5MB)
View supplement movies:
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> Supplement 2
> Supplement 3

Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry quantifies stem cell division and metabolism. Matthew L. Steinhauser, Andrew P. Bailey, Samuel E. Senyo, Christelle Guillermier, Todd S. Perlstein, Alex P. Gould, Richard T. Lee & Claude P. Lechene. NATURE, vol 481, 26 January 2012
> Download pdf (7.5MB)

Retinal Histopathologic Manifestations and Iron-Mediated Melanosome Degradation. Natalie Wolkow, PhD; Ying Song, MD; Ting-Di Wu, PhD; Jiang Qian, MD, PhD; Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern, PhD; Joshua L. Dunaief, MD, PhD. Arch Ophthalmol. 2011;129(11):1466-1474
> Download pdf (1.17 MB)

Recent Advances in Mapping the Sub-cellular Distribution of Metal-Based Anticancer Drugs.
Louise E. WedlockA,B and Susan J. Berners-Price. Aust. J. Chem. 2011, 64, 692–704
> Download pdf (1MB)

Combed single DNA molecules imaged by secondary ion mass spectrometry. Armelle Cabin-Flaman, Anne-Franc-oise Monnier, Yannick Coffinier, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, David Gibouin, Tom Wirtz, Rabah Boukherroub, Henri-No€el Migeon, Aaron Bensimon, Laurent Jannière, Camille Ripoll, and Vic Norris. Analytical Chemistry (2011) 83,6940-6947. 
> Download pdf (3.21MB)

Aceruloplasminemia: Retinal Histopathologic Manifestations and Iron-Mediated Melanosome Degradation.
Natalie Wolkow, Ying Song, Ting-Di Wu, Jiang Qian, Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern, Joshua L. Dunaief. ARCH OPHTHALMOL, VOL 129 (NO. 11), NOV 2011.
 > Download (1.2MB)

HO-1-mediated macroautophagy: a mechanism for unregulated iron deposition in aging and degenerating neural tissues. Hillel Zukor, W. Song, A. Liberman, J. Mui, H. Vali, C. Fillebeen, K. Pantopoulos, T-D Xu, J-L Guerquin-Kern, H.M. Schipper. Journal of neurochemistry, 2009, 109, 776-791.
> Download (800KB)

Advances in Imaging Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Biological Samples. Steven G. Boxer, Mary L. Kraft, and Peter K.Weber. Annual Review of Biophysics 2009. 38:53–74.
> Download pdf (767 KB)


Direct chemical evidence for sphingolipid domains in the plasma membranes of fibroblasts. Jessica F. Frisz, K. Lou, H. A. Klitzing, W. P. Hanafin, V. Lizunov, R. L. Wilson, K. J. Carpenter, R. Kim, I. D. Hutcheon, J. Zimmerberg, P. K. Weber, Mary L. Kraft.
> Download pdf (7.4 MB)

High-resolution quantitative imaging of mammalian and bacterial cells using stable isotope mass spectrometry. Claude Lechene et al. , Journal of Biology 2006, 5:20. 30 pages
> Download pdf (6.5MB)

Morphological and chemical studies of pathological human and mice brain at the subcellular level: correlation between light, electron, and NanoSIMS microscopies. Carmen Quintana, Ting-Di Wu, Benoit Delatour, Marc Dhenain, Jean Luc Guerquin-Kern, Alain Croisy. Microscopy Research and Technique 70:281–295 (2007)
> Download pdf (2.5MB)

Subcellular imaging of isotopically labeled carbon compounds in a biological sample by ion microprobe (NanoSIMS). Peta L. Clode, Richard A. Stern, Alan T. Marshall. Microscopy Research and Technique, 70: 220-229 (2007)
> Download pdf (728kB)

Phase separation of lipid membranes analyzed with high-resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. Mary L. Kraft et al., SCIENCE, 29 sept 2006, vol.313
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

Sub-cellular localisation of a 15N-labelled peptide vector using NanoSIMS imaging. Winfried Romer , Ting-Di Wu , Patricia Duchambon , Mohamed Amessou , Daniele Carrez , Ludger Johannes , Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern, Applied Surface Science 252 pp 6925–6930 (2006)
> Download pdf (439kB)

Study of the localization of iron, ferritin and hemosiderin in Alzheimer's disease hippocampus by analytical microscopy at the subcellular level.
C. Quintana, S. Bellefqih, J.Y. Laval, J.L. Guerquin-Kern, T.D. Wu, J. Avila, I.Ferrer, R. Arranz, C. Patino. Journal of Structural Biology 153, 2006
> Download pdf (1.5MB)

Direct NanoSIMS imaging of diffusible elements in surfaced block of cryo-processes biological samples.
P. Hallegot, J-N. Audinot, H-N. Migeon, SIMS XV Conference Proceedings, 2005

Supported membrane composition analysis by SIMS with high lateral resolution. Carine Galli Marxer, Mary L. Kraft, Peter K. Weber, Ian Hutcheon, Steven G. Boxer. Biophysical Journal, volume 88, April 2005 p. 2695-2975

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Improvements in biomedical imaging by SIMS (IMS3f, 4f and NanoSIMS). E. Larras-Regard and M-C. Mony, Proceedings of SIMS XI, p. 119, Orlando 1997

We also recommend a book in which Dr. Nicole Grignon details in one chapter her long experience on bulk biological sample preparation for SIMS analysis (plants): Electron Microscopy Methods and Protocols, 2nd edition. Edited by John Kuo. Series: Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press. 

... and the Chapter XXI of "Handbook of Cryopreparation Methods for Electron Microscopy": Cryo-Preparation Procedures for Elemental Imaging by SIMS and EFTEM, by C. Bordat and J-L. Guerquin-Kern. Ed. A Cavalier, D. Spehner, B. M. Humbel. CRC Press (July 2008).

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Codoping titanium dioxide nanowires with tungsten and carbon for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance. In Sun Cho, Chi Hwan Lee, Yunzhe Feng, Manca Logar, Pratap M. Rao, Lili Cai, Dong Rip Kim, Robert Sinclair & Xiaolin Zheng. Nature Communications, 16 Apr 2013, DOI:10.1038/ncomms2729
> Download pdf (1.95 MB)

Redistribution and Effect of Various Elements on the Morphology of Primary Graphite in Cast Iron. J. Lacaze, N. Valle, K. Theuwissen, J. Sertucha, B. El Adib and L. Laffont. Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering. Volume 2013, Article ID 638451, 9 pages
> Download pdf (10.84 MB)

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> Download pdf (9.2 MB)

A SIMS and TEM investigation of the microstructure of wear-resistant ductile cast iron. N. Valle, M. Martinez Celis, J. Lacaze, I. O. Thorbjornsson, B. Johannesson and J. T. Thorgrimsson. Surf. Interface Anal. 2013, 45, 441–444
> Download (1.9MB)

Quantitative grain boundary analysis of bulk samples by SIMS. F. Christien, C. Downing, K. L. Moore C. R. M. Grovenor. Surf, Interface Anal. 2013, 45, 305–308
> Download (328KB)

Nanometric Scale Investigation of Phase Transformations in Advanced Steels for Automotive Application. José Drillet, Nathalie Valle and Thierry Iung. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s11661-012-1218-1
> Download pdf (1.09 MB)

Composition of nanoparticles in optical fibers by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. Wilfried Blanc, Christelle Guillermier and Bernard Dussardier. November 2012 / Vol. 2, No. 11 / OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 1504.
> Download (948 KB)

Segregation of B, P, and C in the Ni-Based Superalloy, Inconel 718, Talukder Alam, Peter J. Felfer, Mahesh Chaturvedi, Leigh T. Stephenson, Matthew R. Kilburn, Julie M. Cairney. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A July 2012, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp 2183-2191.
 > Download pdf (1MB)

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> Download pdf (1MB)

Nano-SIMS investigation of boron distribution in steels. N. Valle, J. Drillet, A. Picc and H.-N. Migeon. Surf. Interface Anal. 2011, 43, 573–575.
> Download pdf (171KB)

Wear property of Ductile Iron Locally Reinforced with Cr-Containing Steel Inserts. Mayerling Martinez Celis, Nathalie Valle, Jacques Lacaze, Ingólfur Thorbjornsson, Birgir Johannesson, JonThor Thorgrimsson, Bojan Podgornik, Joze Vizintin. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 457 (2011) pp 441-446.
> Download pdf (3.97MB)

Microstructure of as cast reinforced ductile iron. M. Martinez Celis, N. Valle, J. Lacaze, I. O. Thorbjornsson, B. Johannesson and J. T. Thorgrimsson. International Journal of Cast Metals Research 2011 VOL 24 NO 2.
> Download pdf (721KB) 

Structural Changes Evidenced by Rheology in PPgMA Nanocomposites During Oxidative Ageing
F. Fordiani, T. Aubry, Y. Grohens Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 114, 4011–4019 (2009)
> Download (437 KB)

Multi-scale characterization of stress corrosion cracking of cold-worked stainless steels and the influence of Cr content. S. Lozano-Perez, T. Yamada, T. Terachi , M. Schroder , C.A. English , G.D.W. Smith , C.R.M. Grovenor , B.L. Eyre. Acta Materialia 57 (2009) 5361–5381.
> Download pdf (2.02MB)

Application of SIMS nano-analysis to the development of new metallurgical solutions. N. Valle, J. Drillet, A. Perlade, H.-N. Migeon. Applied Surface Science 255 (2008) 1569–1571.
> Download pdf (396KB)

Using NanoSIMS to map trace elements in stainless steels from nuclear reactors.
S. Lozano-Perez, M. Schroeder, T. Yamada, T. Terachi, C.A. English and C.R.M. Grovenor. Applied Surface Science (2008).
> Download pdf (629KB)



High-resolution imaging of complex crack chemistry in reactor steels by NanoSIMS. S. Lozano-Perez, M.R. Kilburn, T. Yamada, T. Terachi, C.A. English and C.R.M. Grovenor. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Available online 19 August 2007
> Download pdf (1.4MB)

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> Download pdf (383kB)

Study of the carbon distribution in multi-phase steels using the NanoSIMS 50. N. Valle , J. Drillet, O. Bouaziz, H.-N. Migeon. Applied Surface Science 252 (2006) 7051–7053.
> Download pdf (219KB)

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Bainite characterization: carbon concentration measurements using the NanoSIMS 50. Nathalie Valle, J. Drillet, O. Bouaziz, H-N. Migeon, poster for SIMS Europe 2004.


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Geology and Environment

Spatially resolved chemical imaging of individual atmospheric particles using nanoscale imaging mass spectrometry: insight into particle origin and chemistry. Sutapa Ghosal, Peter K. Weber and Alexander Laskin. Analytical Methods, 13 Jan 2014. DOI: 10.1039/c3ay42012d
> Download pdf (1.61 MB)

NanoSIMS: Technical Aspects and Applications in Cosmochemistry and Biological Geochemistry.
Peter Hoppe, Stephanie Cohen, Anders Meibom. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, June, 2013.
> Download pdf (5.363 MB)

Enhanced Role of Transition Metal Ion Catalysis During In-Cloud Oxidation of SO2. Eliza Harris, Bärbel Sinha, Dominik van Pinxteren, Andreas Tilgner, Khanneh Wadinga Fomba, Johannes Schneider, Anja Roth, Thomas Gnauk, Benjamin Fahlbusch, Stephan Mertes, Taehyoung Lee, Jeffrey Collett, Stephen Foley, Stephan Borrmann, Peter Hoppe, Hartmut Herrmann. Science May 10, 2013.
> Download pdf (2.031 MB)

Biogenic potassium salt particles as seeds for secondary organic aerosol in the amazon. Pöhlker C, Wiedemann KT, Sinha B, Shiraiwa M, Gunthe SS, Smith M, Su H, Artaxo P, Chen Q, Cheng Y, Elbert W, Gilles MK, Kilcoyne AL, Moffet RC, Weigand M, Martin ST, Pöschl U, Andreae MO. Science (New York, N.Y.) 337:6098 2012 Aug 31 pg 1075-8.
> Download pdf (7.498 MB) 

EMP and SIMS studies on Mn/Ca and Fe/Ca systematics in benthic foraminifera from the Peruvian OMZ: a contribution to the identification of potential redox proxies and the impact of cleaning protocols. Glock N., Eisenhauer A., Liebetrau V., Wiedenbeck M., Hensen C. & Nehrke G., 2012. Biogeosciences 9:341-359.
> Download pdf (809KB) 

Precise micrometre-sized Pb-Pb and U-Pb dating with NanoSIMS. Wei Yang, Yang-Ting Lin, Jian-Chao Zhang, Jia-Long Hao, Wen-Jie Shen and Sen Hu. The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012. DOI: 10.1039/c2ja10303f
> Download pdf (930 KB)

Earliest microbially-mediated pyrite oxidation in ~3.4 billion-year-old sediments. D. Wacey, M. Saunders, M.D. Brasier, M.R. Kilburn. EPSL 301 (2011) 293-402.
> Download pdf (5.2MB)

Microfossils of sulphur-metabolizing cells in 3.4-billion-year-old rocks of Western Australia.
David Wacey, Matt R. Kilburn, Martin Saunders, John Cliff & Martin D. Brasier, Nature Geoscience, Published online 21 August 2011 doi:10.1038/ngeo1238
> Download pdf (1MB)

Microbialite taphonomy and biogenicity: new insights from NanoSIMS. David Wacey, D. Gleeson, Matt R. Kilburn. Geobiology (2010) DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4669.2010.00251.x
> Download pdf (3.83 MB)

Diversity in the Archean Biosphere: New Insights from NanoSIMS.
Dorothy Z.Oehler, Francois Robert, Malcolm R.Walter, Kenichiro Sugitani, Anders Meibom, Smail Mostefaoui, and Everett K.Gibson. Astrobiology vol 10, number 4, 2010, p. 413 - 424
> Download pdf (614KB)

Uncloaking invisible gold: Use of NanoSIMS to evaluate gold, trace elements, and sulfur isotopes in pyrite from carlin-type gold deposits.
Shaun L.L. Barker, Kenneth A. Hickey, Jean S. Cline, Gregory M. Dipple, Matt R. Kilburn, Jeremy R. Vaughan and Anthony A. Longo. Economic Geology, v. 104, no. 7, (Nov 2009) 897-904
> Download pdf (459kB)

Geobiological investigations using secondary ion mass spectrometry: microanalysis of extant and paleo-microbial processes. V. J. Orphan and C. H. House. Geobiology (2009), 7, 360–372.
> Download pdf (874KB)

Evidence for microbial life in synsedimentary cavities from 2.75 Ga terrestrial environments. Birger Rasmussen, Tim S. Blake, Ian R. Fletcher, and Matt R. Kilburn. GEOLOGY vol37 nb5 , May 2009.
> Download pdf (479KB)

Sulfur isotope analyses of individual aerosol particles in the urban aerosol at a central European site (Mainz, Germany). Baerbel.W. Sinha, P. Hoppe, J. Huth, S. Foley, and M. O. Andreae. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 7217–7238, 2008
> Download pdf (5.3MB)

Sulfur isotope ratio measurements of individual sulfate particles by NanoSIMS.
Baerbel Winterholler, Peter Hoppe, Stephen Foley, Meinrat O. Andreae. Int J Mass Spectrom 272: 63 – 77
> Download pdf (1.7MB)

Reassessing the first appearance of eukaryotes and cyanobacteria. Birger Rasmussen, Ian R. Fletcher, Jochen J. Brocks & Matt R. Kilburn. NATURE, Vol 455, 23 Oct. 2008, p. 1101-1105
> Download pdf (828kB)

NanoSIMS micron-scale in situ measurement of 13C/12C in early precambrian organic matter, with permil precision.
Ian R. Fletcher, M. R. Kilburn, B. Rasmussen. Int. J. Mass Spectrom, 2008
> Download pdf (1.1MB)

Extracellular proteins limit the dispersal of biogenic nanoparticles. John W. Moreau, P. K. Weber, M.C.Martin, B.Gilbert, I.D.Hutcheon, J.F.Banfield. SCIENCE, Vol. 316, 15 june 2007, p.1600-1604.

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> Download pdf (811KB)

Nano-SIMS Analysis of Mg, Sr, Ba and U in natural calcium carbonate. Yuji Sano, K. Shirai, N. takahata, T. Hirata, N.C.Sturchio. Analytical Sciences, september 2005, vol.21, p1091-1097

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Study of the mechanism of diatom cell division by means of 29Si isotope tracing. J-N. Audinot, C. Guignard, H-N. Migeon, L. Hoffmann. SIMS XV proceedings, 2005.






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Planetary Sciences

Determination of the nitrogen abundance in organic materials by NanoSIMS quantitative imaging. Aurélien Thomen, François Robert and Laurent Remusat. J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2014, 29, 512. DOI: 10.1039/c3ja50313e
> Download pdf (0.84 MB) 

Experimental evidence of fast transport of trace elements in planetary basaltic crusts by high temperature metamorphism. A. Yamaguchi, T.Mikouchi, M.Ito, N.Shirai, J.A.Barrat, S.Messenger, M.Ebihara. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 368 (2013) 101–109
> Download pdf (2.12 MB) 

Strardust Investigation into the CR Chondrite Grove Mountain 021710. Xuchao Zhao, Christine Floss, Yangting Lin and Maitrayee Bose. The Astrophysical Journal, 769:49 (16pp), 2013 May
> Download pdf (2.44 MB)

A Precise 53MN-53CR Age of Sphalerites from the Primitive EH3 Chondrite Sahara 97158. M. Trieloff, J.-C. Storck, S. Mostefaoui, A. El Goresy, J. Hopp, T. Ludwig, R. Altherr. Institute of Geosciences, University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 234-236, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany. Abstract.
> Download pdf (125 KB)

Hydrogen Isotopes in Lunar Volcanic Glasses and Melt Inclusions Reveal a Carbonaceous Chondrite Heritage. Alberto E. Saal, Erik H. Hauri, James A. Van Orman, Malcolm J. Rutherford. Science, April 25, 2013.
> Download pdf (1.068 MB)

The Abundance of Presolar Grains in Comet 81P/Wild 2. Christine Floss, Frank J. Stadermann, Anton T. Kearsley, Mark J. Burchell, and W. J. Ong. The Astrophysical Journal, 763:140 (11pp), 2013 February
> Download pdf (2.34 MB)

Insight into the silicate and organic reservoirs of the comet forming region.
Natalie A. Starkey, Ian A. Franchi Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 105 (2013) 73–91
> Download (1.5MB)

D-depleted organic matter and graphite in the Abee enstatite chondrite. L. Remusat, J.-N. Rouzaud, E. Charon, C. Le Guillou, Y. Guan, J.M. Eiler. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 96 (2012) 319–335
> Download pdf (1.99 MB)

Evidence for the late formation of hydrous asteroids from young meteoritic carbonates.
Wataru Fujiya, Naoji Sugiura, Hideyuki Hotta, Koji Ichimura & Yuji Sano. nature Communications, Published 17 Jan 2012 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1635
> Download pdf (719KB)

53Mn-53Cr ages of Kaidun carbonates. M. Petitat, Y. Marrochi, K. D. McKeegan, S. Mostefaoui, A. Meibom, M. E. Zolensjy, and M. Gounelle.   Meteoritics & Planetary Science 46, Nr 2, 275–283 (2011)
> Download pdf (345KB)

Extreme oxygen isotope anomaly with a solar origin detected in meteoritic organics. Ko Hashizume, Naoto Takahata, Hiroshi Naraoka and Yuji Sano. Nature Geoscience 4, 165–168 (2011)
> Download pdf (338KB)

High Pre-Eruptive Water Contents Preserved in Lunar Melt Inclusions. Erik H. Hauri, Thomas Weinreich, Alberto E. Saal, Malcolm C. Rutherford & James A. Van Orman. SciencePublished Online May 26 2011
> Download pdf (2.5MB)

Oxygen Isotope Variations at the Margin of a CAI Records Circulation Within the Solar Nebula. Justin I. Simon, Ian D. Hutcheon, Steven B. Simon, Jennifer E. P. Matzel, Erick C. Ramon, Peter K. Weber, Lawrence Grossman, Donald J. DePaolo. Science 331, 1175 (2011). DOI: 10.1126/science.1197970
> Download pdf (1.1 MB)

A promising method to obtain more accurate Mg isotope compositional data on presolar silicate particles. János Kodolányi and Peter Hoppe. 11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos - NIC XI
Heidelberg, Germany. July 19–23 2010
> Download pdf (460 KB)

Measurements of presolar grains. Peter Hoppe. 11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos - NIC XI
Heidelberg, Germany. July 19–23 2010
> Download pdf (1.21 MB)

Extreme Deuterium Excesses in Ultracarbonaceous Micrometeorites from Central Antarctic Snow.
J. Duprat, E. Dobrica, C. Engrand, J. Aléon, Y. Marrocchi, S. Mostefaoui, A. Meibom, H. Leroux, J.-N. Rouzaud, M. Gounelle, F. Robert. SCIENCE vol 328, 7 may 2010, p. 742 - 745
> Download pdf (367KB)

Constraints on the Formation Age of Cometary Material from the NASA Stardust Mission.
J.E.P. Matzel, H.A. Ishii, D. Joswiak, I.D. Hutcheon, J.P. Bradley, D. Brownlee, P.K. Weber, N. Teslich, G. Matrajt, K.D. McKeegan, G.J. MacPherson. Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1184741. Published Online February 25, 2010
> Download pdf (4.8MB)

Isotopic Analysis of Supernova Sic and Si3N4 Grains from the Qingzhen (EH3) Chondrite. Yangting Lin, Frank Gyngard and Ernst Zinner. The Astrophysical Journal, 709:1157–1173, 2010 February
> Download pdf (1.83 MB)

Pristine extraterrestrial material with unprecedented nitrogen isotopic variation. Giacomo Briani, M. Gounelle, Y. Marrocchi, S. Mostefaoui, H. Leroux, E. Quirico, A. Meibom. PNAS doi:10.1073/pnas.0900197106
> Download pdf (2.4MB)

An unusual presolar silicon carbide grain from a supernova: implication for the production of silicon-29 in type-II supernovae.
Peter Hoppe, Jan Leitner, Bradley S. Meyer, Lih-Sin The, Maria Lugaro, and Sachiko Amari. The Astrophysical Journal, 691:L20–L23, 2009 January 20
> Download pdf (343kB)

Si isotopic composition of presolar silicate grains from red giant stars and supernovae. Christian Vollmer, Peter Hoppe and Frank E.Brenker. The Astrophysical Journal, 684:611Y617, 2008 Sep 1
> Download pdf (406kB)

Volatile content of lunar volcanic glasses and the presence of water in the Moon’s interior. Alberto E.Saal, Erik H.Hauri, Mauro Lo Cascio, James A.Van Orman, Malcolm C.Rutherford & Reid F.Cooper. NATURE, Vol 454, 10 July 2008, p.192-195
> Download pdf (275kB)

NanoSIMS isotopic analysis of small presolar grains: Search for Si3N4 grains from AGB stars and Al and Ti isotopic compositions of rare presolar SiC grains. Ernst Zinner, Sachiko Amari, Robert Guinness, Cristine Jennings, Aaron F. Mertz, Ann N. Nguyen, Roberto Gallino, Peter Hoppe, Maria Lugaro, Larry R. Nittler, Roy S. Lewis. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (2007) 4786–4813
> Download pdf (1.83 MB)

High spatial resolution ion microprobe measurements refine chronology of carbonate formation in Orgueil. Peter Hoppe, Doug Macdougall and Günter W. Lugmair. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 42, Nr 7/8, 1309–1320 (2007)

Nitrogen and carbon isotopic composition of the sun inferred from a high-temperature solar nebular condensate. Anders Meibom, A.N. Krot, F. Robert, S. Mostefaoui, S.S. Russell, M.I. Petaev, M. Gounelle. The Astrophysical Journal, 656: L33-L36, 2007 Feb. 10.

Isotopic compositions of cometary matter returned by Stardust. Kevin D. McKeegan et al. SCIENCE vol 314, 15dec 2006, p. 1724- 1728

Interstellar chemistry recorded in organic matter from primitive meteorites. Henner Busemann, Andrea F. Young, ConelM.O'D. Alexander, Peter Hoppe, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Larry R. Nittler. SCIENCE, Vol. 312, 5 May 2006, p. 727-730

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Timescales of shock processes in chondritic and martian meteorites. P. Beck, Ph. Gillet, A. El Goresy and S. Mostefaoui. NATURE, Vol. 435 , 23 June 2005

60Fe: a heat source for planetary differentiation from a nearby supernovae explosion. Smail Mostefaoui, G.W. Lugmair and P. Hoppe. The Astrophysical Journal, 625:271-277, 2005 May 20

Supernova graphite in the NanoSIMS: Carbon, oxygen and titanium isotopic compositions of a spherule and its TiC sub-components. F.J.Stadermann, T.K.Croat, T.J.Bernatowicz, S.Amari, S.Messenger, R.M.Walker and E.Zinner. Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta, Vol.69, No.1, 2005

Discovery of ancient silicate stardust in a meteorite. Ann N. Nguyen and Ernst Zinner. SCIENCE, Vol.303 , 5 March 2004, p.1496-1499

Carbon and nitrogen isotopic anomalies in an anhydrous interplanetary dust particle. Christine Floss, Frank J.Stadermann, John Bradley, Zu Rong Dai, Sasa Bajt, Giles Graham. SCIENCE, Vol 303, 27 February 2004, p.1355 -1358

Samples of stars beyond the solar system: silicates grains in Interplanetary dust. Scott Messenger, Lindsay P. Keller, Frank J. Stadermann, Robert M. Walker, Ernst Zinner. SCIENCE, Vol. 300, Issue 5616, 105-108, April 4, 2003

A NanoSIMS study of Si- and Ca-Ti-isotopic compositions of presolar silicon carbide grains from supernovae. Astrid Besmehn and Peter Hoppe. Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta, Vol. 67, No 24, pp. 4693-4703, 2003







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Simultaneous Hydrogen and Heavier Element Isotopic Ratio Images with a Scanning Submicron Ion Probe and Mass Resolved Polyatomic Ions. Slodzian G, Wu TD, Bardin N, Duprat J, Engrand C, Guerquin-Kern JL. Microsc Microanal. 2014 Feb 19:1-5

Development and characterization of the new NanoSIMS 50L.
F.Hillion, F.Horreard, M.Schuhmacher. Poster for SIMS XVI, Kanazawa, Japan, Oct. 2007
> Download (1.2 MB)

QSA influences on isotopic ratio measurements. G.Slodzian, F. Hillion, F. J. Stadermann, E. Zinner. The Applied Surface Science 231–232 (2004) 874–877, May 2004
> Download pdf (90 KB)

Precise in situ measurements of isotopic abundances with pulse counting of sputtered ions. G.Slodzian, M. Chaintreau, R. Dennebouy, A. Rousse. The European physical journal applied physics, March 2001
> Download pdf (3.23 MB)

Recent results and developments on the CAMECA NanoSIMS 50.
F.Hillion, F.Horreard, F.J.Stadermann. Poster for SIMS XII, Brussels, Belgium, Sep. 1999

The CAMECA NanoSIMS 50: Experimental results. F.Hillion, B.Daigne, F.Girard, G.Slodzian. Proceedings of SIMS X, p.979, Münster, Germany, 1995

A new high performance instrument: the CAMECA NanoSIMS 50. F.Hillion, B.Daigne, F.Girard, G.Slodzian, Proceedings of SIMS IX, p.254, Yokohama, Japan, 1993

Ion optics for a high resolution scanning ion microscope and spectrometer : transmission evaluations. G.Slodzian, B.Daigne, F.Girard, F.Hillion, Proceedings of SIMS IX, p.294, Yokohama, Japan, 1993


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NanoSIMS 50L

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