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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for IC Metrology

Elemental analysis with highest sensitivity and depth resolution

-> Short presentation of the SIMS analytical technique

No other elemental analysis technique can compete with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)  in terms of sensitivity and depth resolution: with SIMS, it is possible to detect very low concentrations of dopants and impurities in solid samples and to measure the in-depth distribution of trace elements over a depth range from a few angstroms to tens of microns. 

SIMS applications to semiconductor technology have grown continuously over the past decades, and it is now expected that SIMS analyses be performed in-line in order to monitor critical steps in the technology process. CAMECA has therefore developed a specific SIMS instrument suitable for in-line semiconductor manufacturing control:

  • the IMS Wf magnetic sector SIMS.

The IMS Wf provides the necessary high mass resolution, transmission and throughput to fulfill the analytical requirements of key IC process applications, and it has the capability to perform dynamic SIMS analysis on full, patterned wafers without cross contamination and with a high degree of automation

The CAMECA instruments are based on 4 major surface and interface analysis techniques:

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