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JAEA to be equipped with the first IMS 1300-HR³
JAEAApril 2016: Japan Atomic Energy Agency, a member of the global network under IAEA control, has recently selected the IMS 1300-HR³ for its domestic and international safeguard operations. With this recent order, JAEA will be the first research center in the world to be equipped with CAMECA's new generation large-geometry SIMS.

Commissioned by the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority and IAEA, JAEA will use the tool to perform precise Uranium isotope ratio measurements in single 0.5~10 micron-sized nuclear particles. This order confirms CAMECA's leadership in nuclear forensics. Indeed, the CAMECA IMS 1300-HR³ features numerous instrumental advantages that make it the best choice for small particle analysis. Learn more about uranium isotope analysis on nuclear particles with large-geometry SIMS!




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