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Launching the SKAPHIA Shielded Electron Probe Initiative
skaphia4 Oct 2016: Capitalizing on more than years 50 years of success in developing and servicing shielded microanalytical instruments for nuclear energy research and industry, CAMECA has just announced the launch of the SKAPHIA Shielded Electron Probe Initiative during the HOTLAB 2016 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. The SKAPHIA Initiative will bring together key industry players towards the development of the next generation Shielded EPMA.

While providing a safe environment for manipulating and analyzing nuclear samples, CAMECA's next generation Shielded EPMA, SKAPHIA, will allow scientists to gain a deeper understanding of fuel performance, to explore irradiated material behavior and radiation damage processes, to develop innovative alloys and structural materials, to optimize the nuclear fuel cycle and to achieve better nuclear waste management, thus contributing to a safer world.

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