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CAMECA SIMS Image Processing Software under PC-Windows™ Environment

Specifically developed for CAMECA SIMS instruments, WinImage offers powerful image visualization, processing & printing capabilities in a user-friendly environment.

Perfect Integration with CAMECA SIMS Instruments

WinImage allows to easily process images and stacks of images generated by CAMECA Microsoft and UNIX acquisition programs on all magnetic sector SIMS instruments (*.im file types). The WinImage licence is delivered with a dongle allowing installation on several PCs and laptops but restricting usage to one computer at a time.

WinImage SIMS Image Processing Software

Modern, User-Friendly Interface

WinImage is a PC-Windows™ based program with associated flexibility (direct copy-paste in reports or presentations) and easy learning (standard interface and ergonomics). Using WinImage, SIMS image files can be quickly loaded and processed. The results or extracted information can be efficiently formatted and directly inserted in reports or presentations. 

Complete & Powerful Image Processing


  • 2D and 3D display in 1, 2x2, or 4x4 format, zoom 
  • Single or multiple files
  • 3D rendering and sectioning of image stack
  • Manual and automated display adjustment (lin/log, color scales, Rej-Sat, micron bar...)

Image processing

  • Drift correction
  • Accumulation of scans
  • Normalization
  • Isotope Deviation Map
  • Linear Combination

Image analysis

  • Flexible drawing of ROIs (regions of interest); ROI analysis through stack of images and export to Excel spreadsheet: intensity, peak ratio, statistical evaluation between images and blocks, pixel to pixel detector correction...
  • Depth profile reconstruction from ROIs inside an image stack
  • Line-scan and band-scan reconstruction
  • Detector and signal pixel correction
  • Customizable export to Excel spreadsheets


  • Printing in formatted templates (H/V, 1 to 9x5 images, customizable parameter table)
  • Copy-paste in reports
  • Save image/screen (JPG, PNG, TIFF 24b, TIFF 16b)

WinImage can equip or retrofit almost all our magnetic sector SIMS:

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